Outdoor Reservations


Below is an overview of Outdoor Spaces managed by the Campus Access Team in the department of Student Involvement & Engagement - Operations and Assessment. 

The information provided here includes a step-by-step process for requesting and confirming a reservation for an Outdoor Space, list of available Outdoor Spaces, and relevant policies. 

Campus Access Team within Operations and Assessment 
Department of Student Involvement & Engagement 

Email: campusaccess@txstate.edu
Phone: 512-245-2278
Physical location: LBJ Student Center, Suite 2-20.0

Timeline for Requests

30 Business Days
Reservation requests can be made as early as 30 business days from the reservation date.

10 Business Days
Reservation requests must be received at least ten (10) business days prior to the reservation date, and to allow Campus Access Team to review. The Mazevo System is preset to 10 business days and will not allow users to select dates/spaces if the date requested is within the 10 business days. 

The Campus Access Team will review requests within 10 business days via email at campusaccess@txstate.edu on a case-by-case basis.

Campus Access Team will review all requests on a first-come, first-serve basis, and will determine and communicate approvals within 24-48 hours of request being made.

Days not allowed for Outdoor Space reservation
Holiday schedule and energy conservation days

Outdoor Space Request and Review Process

  • Requests for outdoor space(s) reservation are facilitated through the Mazevo System

    Student Organizations:
    All student organizations must be active and registered with Student Involvement in order to request and reserve an Outdoor Space. Reservations can be made by an authorized representatives who are designated officers that have been identified in the Bobcat Organization Hub. To register or review list of officers, visit: Student Organization

    Departments/Offices - Texas State Faculty and Staff:
    All Texas State University staff and faculty have access to the Mazevo System. 

    Non-TXST Groups or Organizations:
    Do not have access to the Mazevo System. Non-TXST groups and organizations must be sponsored (i.e., hosted) by a chartered student organization or department. The chartered student organization or department must follow all Solicitation on Campus policies and procedures.

    Non-TXST groups or organizations are highly encouraged to contact Campus Access Team at campusaccess@txstate.edu to facilitate a request for space.

  • Instructions for Mazevo:
    A representative from a registered student organization and university department will log-in into Mazevo using the TXST NetID and Password. Within the Mazevo system, the representative will:

    • Outdoor Spaces are located within the “LBJ Student Center” section of Mazevo.
    • Select available dates, times, and outdoor space locations. 
    • Enter all relevant details and information regarding request for Outdoor Space.
    • There is no limit to the number of outdoor space reservations per month for registered student organizations, unless the organization is soliciting (i.e. selling or fundraising). Solicitation is limited to 10 days per group per month.
    • Submit appropriate forms related to: 
    • All requests are stored, retained, and communicated from within Mazevo System. 
    • Upon submitting the request, the representative will receive a copy of their request to their Texas State email address.
  • Student Involvement & Engagement's Campus Access Team oversees the review for requests for Outdoor Spaces.

  • Completed requests for outdoor spaces are communicated via email through Mazevo System and by the SIE Campus Access Team. 

  • The representative must retain copy of completed request. A printed copy must be retained in-person during the tabling engagement and within the reserved outdoor space. 

    Campus Access Team conducts and monitors the use of Outdoor Spaces on a daily basis. 

Reservable Outdoor Spaces

Bobcat Trail

Map of Bobcat Trail

Total reservable outdoor spaces: 10

Amplified Sound: 
Not allowed.

Not provided by LBJ Student Center Conference Services. Tables can be provided by Materials Management for a fee.

Bobcat Trail is located between Evans Liberal Arts, Undergraduate Academic Center (UAC), and Nueces Hall. It begins near the UAC Arch and continues to the flags located near Flowers Hall.


Map of LBJSC Mall
Map - LBJSC Mall (JPG, 202KB)

Total reservable outdoor spaces: 14

Amplified Sound:
Allowed with request and approval from Campus Access Team.

Days and Times when Amplified is allowed:
Monday to Friday
11:00 AM to 1:00 PM
5:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Tables can be provided by LBJ Student Center Conference Services or Materials Management for a fee.

The LBJ Student Center Mall Area is located between LBJ Student Center and Alkek Library. The space includes one electrical power source location. 

The Quad

Map of The Quad
Map - Quad (JPG, 281KB)

Total reservable outdoor spaces: 20

Amplified Sound:
Not allowed.

Not provided by LBJ Student Center Conference Services. Tables can be provided by Materials Management for a fee.

The Quad is located in the center of the San Marcos campus, and nestled between Derrick Hall, Taylor-Murphy History Hall, Comal Building, Evans Liberal Arts, and Flowers Hall. There are no electrical power outlets available in this space.