Bobcat Break

Bobcat Break

Bobcat Break, Texas State University’s Alternative Break program, is an experiential opportunity for students to travel, explore various social issues impacting different communities, and understand their relationship to the global community through education, reflection, and direct service. These all-inclusive, short-term service trips are perfect for those seeking to be challenged, empowered and create impact.

Why Bobcat Break?

Your adventure. Your impact.

Bobcat Break offers all students the opportunity to step outside of their comfort zone as the build community, engage in service, and practice socially responsible leadership. This year, we are happy to introduce two new service trip opportunities as our effort to invite more students to join the experience and be a part of the Bobcat Break family.

How do I join?

Applications to participate in this year's Bobcat Break program are now closed. For any questions, please contact We encourage you to also read through our FAQ below.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Bobcat Break occurs during university breaks in the Winter, Spring, or potentially Summer depending on how many trips are offered.

    During the 2023-2024 year, our Bobcat Break participants traveled to 3 different locations to learn about various social issues

    • New Orleans, LA - Disaster Relief & Home Restoration
    • Las Cruces, NM - Immigration Rights & Policy
    • Dallas, TX - HIV/AIDS Awareness and Affordable Housing
  • Bobcat Break trips are short-term, meaning your trip can be anywhere from 5 to 7 seven days at your destination, including travel.

  • If selected, you will work with a group of 8-12 members of the Texas State University community throughout the school year and at your service site to build community, learn and reflect, and practice leadership through hands-on service. Service projects vary based on what is needed from your site placement. All we ask for throughout your Bobcat Break experience is flexibility and adaptability! Things happen. Don't be discouraged! Sometimes, that's when the best memories are made. All in all, you will laugh, work, play, and grow throughout your participation in Bobcat Break.

    Moreover, Bobcat Break is a commitment from beginning to end. Below are some of the behavior and participation requirements asked for all participants:

    1. Attend all mandatory Bobcat Break-related events and tasks
      • Bobcat Break Opening Ceremony
      • Participate in at least one service project outside of your Bobcat Break site (ex: Bobcat Build or other agencies in San Marcos, Austin, or San Antonio). Must be done with your group.
      • Weekly pre-trip meetings leading up to your departure and one post-trip meeting to reflect about the experience.
    2. Have an open mind and a positive attitude.
    3. Be fully engaged in your service and all group activities.
    4. Participate, don't anticipate! In other words, go with the flow.
    5. Have fun!
  • Anyone! As long as you are a currently enrolled student - undergraduate or graduate - during the dates of your trip, you are eligible to participate in the experience.

    Per university policy, students who are graduating before the scheduled trip dates, however, are not eligible.

  • Participants are required to pay a fee that helps cover their transportation, lodging, meals, and any Bobcat Break merch. Trip fees do vary and are non-refundable (unless an emergency situation is communicated to the program coordinator). However, we do not want cost to be a prohibitive factor in your participation. To encourage committed participation, all accepted participants will automatically be enrolled into a payment plan system, with a partial payment due on the night of the Bobcat Break Opening Ceremony. More information about cost for future trips will be shared once details are finalized.

  • Despite working throughout the week, there's always opportunities for free time as a group or individually. As the schedule for the week is being created, time is normally set aside to explore the area (as a group), reflect, take personal time, or simply just be. It will be up to you to communicate your needs to the group. To promote community and ensure safety, however, you may not leave the group even if you have a friend or family nearby (but they can visit you!).

  • Safety is our top priority no matter what. As with any travel there are risks involved, but the sites we partner with are screened carefully and measures are taken to ensure your safety.

  • This is a drug and alcohol-free program. Any acts violating this policy will result in immediate removal from the program or from the site. If on-site and a participant is asked to leave, they will be financially responsible for their return home.

  • As much as we would love for you to fully immerse yourself in the experience, we also understand that being a student comes first. It is entirely up to you to talk about your involvement in the program with your professors to see if they can excuse you for the week from any assignments. You also have the option to bring your laptop with you to do homework during our free times if needed. Please recognize, however, that we are not responsible in the event any personal technology are stolen or broken.

If you have any questions regarding the Bobcat Break program, participant requirements, or other questions, please contact us at