Leadership & Service

Our Mission

The mission of the Leadership & Service unit of Student Involvement and Engagement is to educate Texas State University students to lead and civically engage in the global community.

Our Vision

LS Framework Diagram

The Leadership and Service unit of Student Involvement and Engagement envisions a Texas State University where every student has the ability to engage in ethical leadership as a process and contribute positively to their local and global communities.

LEAD Are you ready to lead?

Find opportunities to practice your leadership and learn how to take your leadership to the next level!

SERVE Make your impact

Look through our service opportunities and experiences to find the right fit for you!

Excel Scholarship programs

Look through the scholarships housed in our department or learn more about our scholarship cohort programs.

Our Learning Outcomes:

Through participation and involvement in the Leadership & Service area, students will be able to...

  • Identify the area of Leadership & Service within Student Involvement as a resource hub for leadership education and service-learning opportunities 
  • Cultivate their personal identity by exploring strengths, values and diverse perspectives
  • Reflect on experiences to learn and shape their future actions
  • Gain leadership competency to position them for career-readiness 
  • Develop a civically minded approach to the communities they hold membership in during and after their time at Texas State University