Organization Funding

Program Funding

TXST Student Government and the Student Involvement and Engagement department established a pool of funding to support student organization programming and conference travel expenses.

Overview and Procedures

Each year funding will be designated by Student Government and Student Involvement and Engagement to support student organizations. A committee, including Student Government members and Student Involvement and Engagement staff members, will be appointed by the Assistant Vice President for Student Success and Executive Director of Student Involvement and Engagement to review funding requests.

Funding Categories

    • Programs funded in part or in whole must be free and open to all Texas State University students. 
    • Organizations may not charge Texas State students for admission to events funded using student organization support funding. 
    • Programs funded must occur on-campus.
    • Space funding requests will be managed via inter-departmental transfer of funds.
    • Funding must be for current Texas State students attending and/or presenting a conference representing an official recognized student organization.

Funding Types

    • Sponsored payments are made through an interdepartmental transfer of funds,  purchase order, and/or procurement card, when applicable.
    • A reimbursement is a repayment for money your organization has already spent.
    • Some expenses that may be reimbursed include:
      • Event advertising/marketing
      • Event promotional items
      • Equipment rental
      • Performance fees
      • Supplies/decorations
      • Food
    • Electronic copies of all event advertising/marketing and promotional items should be submitted with the receipts for reimbursement.
    • All funds allocated with a fiscal year must be reimbursed within that year. No reimbursement will be processed after July 31st of each fiscal year.
    • Reimbursement requests must include proper documentation in the form of receipts showing payment. Reimbursement will be based on the allocation request that was presented.
    • Recipients will be reimbursed for the approved costs only after the program has taken place.
    • Reimbursement to an individual will be through the form of payment selected by the individual through their vendor profile.
    • Reimbursement to student organizations shall only be made to student organizations established account. There will be no third-party reimbursements.

Current funding options are reimbursed to an individual and/or a student organization or through sponsored payments.

    • To receive funding, student organizations must be registered and in good standing.
    • Funding request must be submitted three (3) weeks in advance of the day of a program to be funded or attendance of a conference.
    • Funding per organization in a given fiscal year cannot exceed 10% of the total funding allocated for the Student Organization Support fund in a fiscal year.
    • Funding request must be submitted via the funding request for at: Student Organization Funding Application
    • Submission of funding applications does not guarantee that the items requested will be funded, even if the same items were funded in previous years.
    • Expenditures shall be consistent with established policies and procedures of the University and with local, state, and/or federal laws.
    • University departments or student organization advisors cannot be reimbursed per Texas State University System policy.
    • Expenditures shall be consistent with general university policy regarding use of physical facilities or use of services.
    • Student organization support funding cannot be used as a gift, an award, or be loaned to an individual or group.
    • Student organization support funding may not be used to support a candidate for public office, the outcome of legislation, or any group acting as a “front” for groups or individuals participating in information exchange, and/or presentations.
    • Monetary or non-monetary donations cannot be accepted at any event funded with student organization support funding.
    • Funded events must be marketed/publicized on the Bobcat Organization Hub.
  • The Student Organization Support Fund committee will send a notification, along with any other instructions, via email to the student organization leadership and their advisor after requests have been reviewed.

  • Funding for the following items cannot be reimbursed or approved:

    • Events/programs that are not open to all Texas State students.
    • Alcoholic beverages or receipts that include alcoholic beverages.
    • Gratuities (tips)
    • State of Texas sales tax
    • Gift cards
    • Legal fees/fines
    • Insurance costs
    • Late fees
    • Individual/personal certifications or licenses
    • Live animals
    • Motorized vehicles
    • Parking
    • Personal items, such as hair products, makeup, prescription medications, etc.
    • Postage stamps
    • Services provided free of charge by Texas State University faculty, staff, or current student
    • Funds for charities, scholarships, awards, or philanthropic efforts
  • Student organization leaders may appeal a funding decision. The student organization must document their reason for appeal via email within five (5) University business days after the decision. Appeal request must be sent to Appeal requests will be reviewed by the Assistant Vice President for Student Success and Executive Director of Student Involvement and Engagement.