Bobcats LEAD


Bobcats LEAD provides leadership essentials that equip students with the leadership skills they will need to become active and engaged leaders in the Bobcat community. 

What do I gain from participating in Bobcats LEAD?

At Texas State University, we believe that our students can make a big impact on our campus community. We strive to equip all Bobcats will the skills, connections, and support they need to lead while they are here and in their lives after college.

LEAD Connect Groups


Develop a vision for their leadership experience at TXST and explore ways of leveraging the strengths of others to achieve common goals and the importance of service to others and community as key leadership concepts.


Teamwork / Collaboration / Network

Learn how to build collaborative relationships and develop a supportive and collaborative relationship with a cohort of other TXST students that will serve as a resource and network.

Bobcats Lead - Retreat

Critical Thinking / Problem Solving

Exercise sound reasoning to analyze an issue and make a decision to effectively solve problems.

Program Components


March 22-23, 2024

  • Program participants will participate in an overnight retreat experience where they will learn about leadership, engage in self-discovery and team building exercises, and reflect on what their personal contributions may be to TXST throughout their time as a student.

LEAD Connect Groups

April to May 2024

  • Each participant will be assigned to a small group of participants who will work and reflect together as they experience the program, otherwise known as LEAD Connect Groups. These groups are designed to ensure that participants have a network of peers and support throughout their time in the program and beyond. Each group will initially meet at the retreat, be led by an undergraduate Leadership Ambassador/Next Up Intern, and continue to connect following the retreat with guided reflections and work on a student engagement project proposal (group projects to be implemented in Fall 2024).

LEAD Network

On-going through Spring 2024

  • Through the Bobcat Organization Hub, an online group will be created so students can stay connected, not only with their connect groups, but with all participants in the Bobcats LEAD program. 

Group Project

To be implemented in Fall 2024

  • Each of the LEAD Connect Groups will work together to create a project proposal for a program, service, or engagement initiative that will increase student engagement and involvement at TXST. The projects will be presented at a dinner hosted by the AVP & Executive Director of Student Involvement and Engagement. Special guests to hear the presentations will include President Damphousse, Vice President Hernandez, and members of the Division of Student Success Leadership Team.